My husband and I just recently purchased a 2006 Mercedes Benz for $16,000.00 (taxes included).  We were in need of a new car and had been looking for almost a year to find the right deal, one we could afford.  We did not want to have a four or five hundred dollar car note, so we were looking at used cars.  Just so happens that we had a friend who was looking out for us and he came across this Benz dirt cheap and in mint condition and we snatched it up.  The bank had no problem in giving us a loan and they stated to us that we even had equity in the car.  We did not pay the book value price for the car and the bank wanted to know if we wanted to get money out on the difference!  We said NO because we wanted a low car note (which we did get), we did not even come close to $400.00.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because like I said, it took us almost a year to find this car (we got lucky) and it does not happen every day to the average Joe.  Had we known about the Government Auctions Online we would have done it for sure and saved us some time.  This is going to be the way that we go the next time we get ready to purchase a car.

You could be driving an almost like new vehicle for as little as 90% off of the car’s book value price, Cheaper than Dirt! Yes, I said, 90% off of the book value price with no hidden fees, a 3 month warranty for free and you can even purchase an extended warranty if you like but best of all, these vehicles are in very good condition and most of the vehicles come with a stamped log book, complete with service history. These vehicles are well maintained and are usually 2 to 3 years old, so it is not like you are purchasing a cheap broken down car. 

You can find
Cheaper than Dirt Quality Government Auctioned Cars and buy directly from Government Auctions online yourself and avoid the middleman to purchase a like new vehicle for up to 90% savings on the book value price!  It does not cost you a dime to browse and you can view client testimonies and know for yourself that you can have a new car in no time without putting a crunch in your budget!

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