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Cheaper Than Dirt Quality Auction Cars

There are some things in life that are not just a want but they are a need and a car is one of them! Cars use to be a luxury back in the day but today, we all need some type of transportation to get us from point A to point B and we want to do it in comfort and in style.  Comfort and in Style….sounds a little pricy? You might as well admit it because I had to; buying and driving a used car sounded a little unattractive to me. I mean, all I can picture in my mind is a clunker ok! But, on the other hand, the higher price of a new car note, insurance, and taxes did not sound too appealing to me either.

What a decision! You know you need a good dependable vehicle but deciding on purchasing a brand new car or a used car is sort of taxing to your thought pattern. You are trying to weigh the pros and the cons of both situations and the one thing you need to keep in the forefront of your mind with either decision is to remember your wallet!

You know with a new car they are reliable, they smell nice, look nice, drive nice, and maybe even turn some heads but the price is not right! Or maybe you can afford a small inexpensive compact car and you might not have the comfort but you will still have some style (maybe). Not to mention the fact that they depreciate in their value by about 30% when you drive it off the parking lot! Before you read any further, please check out the Car Depreciation Calculator and plug in some values to see just what type of rate of depreciation you will be taking with your new vehicle.

Wow! After just seeing exactly what could and would happen when and if you drive off the dealership’s parking lot with that new car, maybe buying a used car is not so bad after all. I did say “remember your wallet” because you know that the economy is not getting any better right now and you do need something that will fit your budget.

You know you could be driving an almost like new vehicle for as little as 90% off of the car’s book value price, Cheaper than Dirt! Yes, I said, 90% off of the book value price with no hidden fees, a 3 month warranty for free and you can even purchase an extended warranty but best of all, these vehicles are in very good condition and
most of the vehicles come with a stamped log book, complete with service history. You can find Cheaper than Dirt Quality Auction Cars and buy directly from Government auctions online yourself and avoid the middleman to purchase a like new vehicle for up to 90% savings on the book price!